Julie Burke

Departments and Positions:
Education Studies, Chair, Associate Professor of Education Studies
School Extension 316.2192
Smith College, BA, '83
North Carolina State University, MED, '00

Courses Taught at Guilford

  • EDU 201: Philosophical and Ethical Reflections in Education
  • EDU 202: Educational Psychology in the Classroom
  • EDU 203: Historical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • EDU 302: Field Studies in Cross Cultural Contexts
  • EDU 308: Internship in Educational Leadership
  • EDU 309: Planning for Teaching and Learning
  • FYE 101: Arts in Education: What is Basic?

Julie has a PH.D in Educational Leadership, Research and Policy Analysis with a focus on pre-service teacher education. Her doctoral research focused on pre-service teachers’ expectations and beliefs about love, “the real world” and fun in their future classrooms and how those expectations and belief affected the ways they related to their students. Her M. Ed is in Supervision. Her Masters program research was on teachers’ moral development. Julie joined the faculty of the Education Studies department in 2003-2004 as a full-time, visiting faculty and earned a tenure track position in 2005-2006.

Before coming to Guilford College, Julie taught in public and private schools, and was the head of a small, community school which she founded. Over the course of 20 Plus years, Julie taught all the grades k-5, as well as being a specialist in dance and drama in public elementary schools. She has taught in North Carolina, Alabama and Massachusetts; in large urban public schools and small, rural, K-8 schools.She taught in A-plus and Arts-based magnet schools. In 1993, Julie founded a cooperative, community, arts-based elementary school in coastal North Carolina, which has since become a charter school. She was the head of the school, lead teacher, and the chair of the Board of Directors for five years.

Julie has always had an interest in the arts in education. She believes that children learn about and understand the world and themselves in the world through many facets of experience. One of her goals is to prepare teachers who recognize multiple ways of learning and being as gifts rather than deficits. As a teacher educator, it is Julie’s deep conviction that teaching is a political act, one which leads towards more just, democratic, and fair societies; more meaningful and healthy lives; and stewardship of the environment.

Guilford College and the Education Studies Department are a perfect fit for Julie as both operate from a foundation steeped in the principles of stewardship, equality, diversity, excellence, justice, integrity and community. Working in Education Studies has afforded her many opportunities to form lasting relationships with her students as they develop into first class teachers.

As a teacher educator, Julie strives to hold pre-service teachers to the highest levels of conviction and courage, as well as academic performance, so that they might go into the world with knowledge, skills and dispositions to make a difference. Students are challenged to define the difference that they value through careful and critical analysis of their own biases, values, beliefs and assumptions and deep study of education. Currently, Julie’s research interests are in civic engagement in academia and the value of social foundations in the development of highly effective teacher/learner/leaders.