Andrew Strickler

Departments and Positions:
Office of Admission, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
School Extension 336.316.2220

Andy, originally from the Philly Suburbs, has been a member of the Guilford staff for three years. He currently oversees the entire Admission operation and the Financial Aid office at the College. He also works with students from Pennsylvania.

Hobbies: I used to run in high school, college, and coached collegiately for ten years, but now I am an avid golfer, I bike and run when I can, and follow my Philly sports teams. I believe there is only one flavor of ice cream out there (and cake for that matter) —chocolate.

Favorite thing about college: I loved running in college and the relationships I was able to form with my teammates who came from all different backgrounds and widened my viewpoint of the world beyond anything I could imagine while I was in high school.

Favorite thing about being at Guilford: I love being at a small school like Guilford; one that pushes the boundaries of how our students see the world, one that exposes them to vastly different people, beliefs, opinions, and walks of life.  I love walking across campus and seeing students I have known since high school (or since the day before when I finally met them) and watch them live their dreams evolve in front of their own eyes. This community truly inspires me to continue to grow in a positive direction every day.